Rarely Updated, Always Elated.

Don’t be fooled: although ohiopens.org is almost never updated, it’s still the perfect trailhead if you’d like to find your way to Central Ohio’s vibrant and active fountain pen community.

The best way to stay abreast of pen club happenings is to subscribe to the email newsletter– you can do that on the home page.

Announcements also appear in the club Facebook group. If you’re on Facebook, it’s the best place to meet and interact with members in-between club meetings.

Thanks for finding us here. We’re excited to meet you!

(this note is from someone in early August 2020. Have a chuckle to yourself knowing what we blindly stumbled into in the second half of this stupid year.)

2018 Pen Show is almost here!

COPC henchmen and henchwomen will be prowling the show at all hours.

Join us at the Pen Show Pen Club Meetup at the bar on SATURDAY at 5PM. You have received your invitation. Just grab a chair and start penning. All welcome.

Look on strategic tables for the Club email sign up list, or get ahead of the game and sign up here on this website.

Our communications go out primarily via Email and through the Facebook group.

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